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Risk Analysis and Audit

Funding is essential. Bank funding, external funding (there’s still an appetite for the right investor) and funding the cost per case or across a whole basket of cases. There are numerous solutions.

All routes to funding have pros and cons. We’re here to both open the doors and guide you through the correct funding process. We can prepare the facts and figures that will pass the criteria, and, more importantly, secure the funding.

Funding can be looked at in a variety of forms. Third Party Funding, ATE, as well as Captive Insurance and advance schemes. We have access to the right connections to ensure that you and the client are protected.

Pricing to clients is key, the increases in court fees alone mean the client needs to be clear in what they need and what it will cost.

A thorough review of your funding, be it the traditional bank funding. Funding per case, WIP funding, Costs Advance, Dibs funding, Third Party Funding, Hybrid CFA and even if they appear DBA’s all have a place. It’s not one-size-fits-all. – Fixed fees, budgeted fees, unbundling, stage by stage costs. All have a place in the wider market place.

We have the expertise to look and scope these out for you.

Auxilium Risk Management

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.