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Auxilium Risk Management
Identifying Risks - Managing Solutions

Aside from working with high street lawyers (if such a concept exists in the world of business parks and VPNs) we work with banks, funders, councils, and insurers. Indeed, the whole remit of those who interact with the law.

Be it panel budget guidance, the setting of fixed fees and pricing, the management of budgetary risks and costs, the correct use of funding and Ate (and whilst not brokers we can provide advice) on how best to challenge legal fees if needed. Ultimately, to ensure that as an end user you get value for money for your board, your local authority, or to whoever you report to.

We have software that is bespoke to us that we can install and monitor, or you can use it yourself and it can be as much or little as you want it to be. From production of a Precedent H budget to the minutiae of all the files/cases as they go. We can provide a web based portal and skin so that your clients can look in and see the financial consequences of a case, and you stay on top of the running costs elements.

Auxilium Risk Management

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