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23rd April 2018

Should Poor Professionals Be Allowed To Fail?

The banking crisis of 2008 will go down in posterity as one of the great studies in professional failure. Forensic examinations of the events leading up to the credit crunch will be used to teach young up and coming business people salutary lessons on everything from professional ethics to financial management. One particularly discussion-worthy feature […]

12th April 2018

The Power of Regionalisation: Handing Profits Back to the People

What does globalisation mean to you? The removal of barriers to travel, trade and communication, so that we are all now part of one big giant community (or marketplace)? Does it mean opportunity, growth, the final triumph of market economics? Or does it mean something quite the opposite – jobs and industries packing up and […]

5th April 2018

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why Do We Insist on Using Big Firms?

We do it in every walk of life. Instead of choosing a local independent cafe or snack bar, we will go for a McDonalds or KFC. Instead of shopping at our local greengrocer, butcher’s or convenience store, we will drive a few miles to the nearest ‘Big 4’ supermarket. We see the same in professional […]

29th March 2018

Staying Morally Engaged in Your Practice

Ethics is a big part of practising law. As a profession, lawyers like to cast themselves in the role of moral guardians, not just ensuring the letter of the law is applied correctly, but taking a broader responsibility in defending right from wrong. This attitude is codified in the professional ethics we all sign up […]

22nd March 2018

Transferable Skills: Why a Law Degree is Not All that Makes a Good Lawyer

If you put ‘transferable skills in law’ into a search engine – as I did when I started thinking about this blog – an interesting thing happens. All of the top results returned are articles trumpeting the transferable skills you get from doing a law degree or entering law. Not a single mention of the […]

15th March 2018

Great Things Can Be Achieved In Other People’s Shoes

Life doesn’t always run smoothly. In both our personal and our professional lives, we are all used to running into pesky obstacles as we make our own merry way. Frequently, those obstacles are caused by, or perhaps simply are, other people. Conflict is a fact of life. If you want to boil it down to […]

9th March 2018

Swan Lake and Dostoevsky: The Secret to Better Productivity?

It is quite common for the world of business to look beyond its own confines in search of inspiration for raising standards and performance levels. In light of British Cycling’s astonishing achievements at recent Olympic Games, for example, coaching guru Sir Dave Brailsford could probably have taken his pick of boardroom seats, waxing lyrical about […]

1st March 2018

Do You Need More Generalists in Your Business?

There’s a certain amount of gravitas attached to being a specialist. And specialist skills are valued – rightly so. In IT departments, developers with knowledge of a particular language or software stack will command high fees for their specialist knowledge, and will train hard to deep-dive into their niche. But in our pursuit of specialisms, […]

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