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18th January 2018

The Rise of the Machines: Can Technology Solve Our Productivity Problem?

It’s a scenario portrayed in equal measure as a utopian dream and as a futuristic dystopian nightmare. Depending on your perspective, the concept of intelligent machines taking over and doing all the hard work is the perfect tonic for our economic woes, or the end of human civilisation itself. There is no questioning the deep […]

11th January 2018

The Best and the Rest – Bridging the Productivity Gap

Productivity is not a topic we Brits take much pleasure from talking about. We are painfully aware of our productivity shortcomings compared to other major economies – productivity growth in the UK is calculated to be 17 per cent below the G7 average, putting a serious strain on profitability and, as we discussed last time, […]

5th January 2018

The Productivity Puzzle: Why Can the UK Not Shed This Monkey On Its Back?

It has been called nothing less than a national disgrace. For decades, despite our proud standing as one of the world’s leading economic powerhouses, the UK has had a problem with productivity. Put simply, when Britons go off to work, they get less done then their counterparts in pretty much any developed country you care […]

21st December 2017

Bah Humbug! Why Positive Thinking Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be In Business

Christmas makes a great analogy for business. It doesn’t matter how dark, cold and miserable it gets – in business, as at Christmas, we’re programmed to dress the darkest times up in sparkly lights, hide concerns behind a facade of merriment and yes, throw money at problems in the hope they will go away. Ok, […]

15th December 2017

Unconventional Wisdom: Is Technology Hindering Work-Life Balance?

The 9-to-5 is slowly but surely slipping away as the dominant model for our working lives. Long live the 9-to-5! Or maybe not, I’m sure many people are thinking. In many ways we live in enlightened times. Businesses are much less rigid than they once were about clocking in and clocking out at fixed times. […]

7th December 2017

Unconventional Wisdom: Open-Plan Offices and the Death of Thinking Time

That open-plan offices are not the great utopia of productive collaboration they are often talked up as being will be not be news to many people. Noise, distractions, even the increased risk of catching a communicable disease are all part of the daily risks and hazards of working in an open-plan office. For some occupations, […]

2nd December 2017

Unconventional Wisdom: The Case For Banning Office Email

There was a time in the dim and distant past when, if you wanted to get something done at work that involved collaborating with a colleague, you had to speak to them in person. Then the telephone became the world’s first mass telecommunications device, and workers the world over spent the next several decades with […]

24th November 2017

What’s the Big Deal with Big Data?

In our last couple of blogs, we have been looking at the role data analytics has to play in the modern law firm. We have taken a whistlestop tour of some of the ways data analysis can help firms become leaner, fitter, more client-focused and profitable, and we also talked about getting the most out […]

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