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How do you know you’re employing the right people to make a good team? A good department? A good business? The career is dead – long live the career as the saying goes.

No longer do we live in a world of linear career paths and smooth growth trajectories. It takes a unique leader to manage an innovative and nimble firm, and how can you be sure you have one? Too often firms recruit more of the same, because it’s safe and easy. The problem with that is no-one dares to try anything new, and the business stands still while its competitors race ahead. Diversity is uncomfortable because it involves challenging long-held (and usually personal) ideals and norms. Some leaders become scared to take risks because they fear they may fail, others become increasingly authoritarian in an effort to control ever greater uncertainty. Neither is ideal, but both are, sadly, surprisingly common.

We look at ways of reframing leadership to ensure that organisations have the best possible leaders and teams. Learning to learn by thinking in different ways helps businesses to respond in a world that is no longer certain. Changing business models and working methods, and genuinely recognising your people for the assets they are is where we excel. Our unique leadership framework backed by years of empirical research reveals where you are already successful and where you can further improve in terms of attracting and keeping the best people for your firm.

Auxilium Management

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw