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Legal Project Management

The choice of an internal professional project manager or external project manager is yours, but key is the ability to create and work with the teams on the projects (cases) and ensure that project management is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Increasingly, legal project managers are being sought and used. Their function is simple – to project manage cases. The role is not to work on files, but to ensure that they are run effectively. Externalisation of the cost element in this scenario makes sense, as it is the quickest way to collect the cash tied up in cases.

Project management is nothing new, but the use of process flows properly analysed and prepared will make the project run. Our secure web-based software facilitates the production of flow charts, Gantt charts, and accurate financial data as to each and every case.

Teams and fee earners must be measured but allowed to be human. In his seminal work, More Human, Steve Hilton former adviser to David Cameron says, “the current system is simply not working… It’s in crisis and it demands a big shake-up, not steady-as she-goes. Very true. The same old, same old, cannot exist in the modern firm. Transformation management is key.

Auxilium is proud to be a firm that has achieved professional qualifications in project management and is a member of the International Institute of Legal Project Management

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