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Specialising in the life-cycle management of legal costs, Auxilium Law provides leading-edge legal project management expertise. All too often, costs are an afterthought in legal cases, but we believe that properly and pro-actively managed from the outset, legal costs make a vital contribution to profitability and the bottom line. Using our unrivalled cross sector expertise we manage legal costs from cradle to grave, providing expert ongoing cost management.

Using the latest software we can prepare legal budgets, track and monitor legal costs, and provide accurate and pragmatic forecasts for legal expenditure. We believe in being realistic from the outset ensuring that you are able to manage business and client expectations of legal spend.

We have a proven track record in applying the principles of legal project management across a range of legal scenarios from large corporate cases, clinical negligence, class action and personal injury to name but a few. Our multidisciplinary experience enables us to draw on best practice from a range of environments giving us a unique perspective of legal cost management. As budgets become the new norm in legal cases, treating each case as a project is a prudent business strategy, enabling you to provide realistic WIP, forecasting, and management information for your own business management purposes.

Auxilium Law

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